Easter Peace to All!

Easter_empty_tombIn Chicagoland this Easter morning is glorious!  We have had a most difficult winter, even for the most die-hard winter lovers.  Today as we celebrate the Risen Christ, the warmth of the sun and the new growth that is budding all around us remind us that life conquers all.  The death-like quiet and cold of the winter is gone and life is renewed.  In today’s post, the pictured view is from inside the tomb, looking out at the crosses of Good Friday.  Just as we must go through winter to come into springtime glory, so must we embrace our own crosses to come to new life.  The Paschal Mystery is the human experience of life, death, and life again reflected in the Holy Triduum of the Last Supper of Holy Thursday, the crucifixion of Good Friday, and the Resurrection of Easter!  Every experience of our life is a microcosm of the Paschal Mystery – life, death, and life.  We need Easter eyes to see this; we need Easter faith to believe this,  we need Easter hope to hang on to this through all of our crucifixions.

Those of us who celebrate Eucharist on a regular basis are reminded of this pattern of life.  We celebrate the death of our Lord Jesus until he comes again in glory.  Today, and farther in this Easter season, as we celebrate our own family rituals, may we remember this Paschal Mystery as a pattern in our own lives as well as in the life of our Lord.  May we also stay awake with others as they agonize over their own destiny, may we help carry the cross of others as they stumble, and may we clean the wounds of those who are broken.  May we always witness to the reality of new life, to Resurrection in our world, because the Paschal Mystery in which we share is everyone’s mystery, everyone’s experience, everyone’s destiny.

May Easter joy, hope, and peace be your today and always!!!  He is risen, indeed he is risen!!!