Staying True to Our Mission

FreeCatholicDD51aR04cP01ZL-Coolidge4c_smlWe find ourselves at a crossroads in the diocese.  Our prior church home has gone in a direction that we could not follow and for some time now it has felt as if we were adrift.  As that thought came to me, I thought of the diocesan crest or coat of arms that was designed several years ago.  It is pictured here.  Both the graphic and the word images are water related.  Both summon the idea of a journey on water.  The ship is an early metaphor for the pilgrim church. Reminiscent of the protection given by Noah’s ark.  The crest contains both the moon and the Morning Star signaling a morning voyage to Christ under the watchful gaze of Mary, the Mother of God (often symbolized by a moon).  The Latin motto translates to “Put out to deeper water.”  Those of us who are in the Independent Sacramental Movement have done this before; we have moved on from our origins to church homes of more depth, more offerings.

This is what we do again!  We follow our mission and put out for deeper waters. Powered by gusts of the Spirit, we journey toward the Morning Star bearing the cross of Christ.  What better way to observe Lent and stay true to our mission as Catholic Christians.  We are a pilgrim people.  We reach out to those who want journey with us and look to brighter shores.  We implore the saints above and the saints among us to pray for us to the Lord, our God, for protection, guidance, and wisdom.  May our Lenten journey be true and hearts full of the Mercy of God.  May God bless you all.