The Truth?

in-search-truth-titleBe careful of anyone who is absolutely certain of what is the “Truth.”  There are so many people who claim to know the truth and yet when one listens to them, their truth is nothing more than a weapon with which they beat upon others who are different from themselves.

If one is to believe the Gospel message of Jesus Christ as reiterated by the saints throughout the ages, then the truth cannot be separated from love and beauty.  Truth is not a weapon of destruction, but a building block of creation.

There are a lot of clergy and other “religious types” that wield their certainty like a scythe, trying to cut down those who would extend Jesus’ message of love to areas of our culture not yet touched by the building, healing love of Christ.  Each of us needs to be careful of shutting out those who are different from ourselves.  We are most comfortable with what is near, what is like us, and what is familiar.  However, the truth does not have to be any of those things.  The truth can be different, foreign, and strange.  We need to be open to the loving embrace of our God.  That is truth; that God is love and God embraces all love.

We celebrate love at Epiphany. We celebrate truth.  We celebrate you.  Won’t you join us?