Why Another Way?

magifollowthestarWhy do we need another way to be Catholic? Here in the Diocese of the Epiphany we look to the first Epiphany for the answer to that question. Just as the Magi “returned home by another way” after realizing the threat posed to them by Herod (Mt. 2:12), so too many of us have found the traditional way to be Catholic to be hostile and menacing against us. There are many reasons for this. Whatever your reason is for looking for another way to be Catholic, you have come to the right place to seek the light of Christ.

We come from the East (West, North, and South, too!) sincerely seeking to worship and serve Christ in this complex world of ours. We know that there are many reasons why people feel that the traditional Church does not work for them; we welcome all to come and speak to us. Share your story and pray with us. Together we can share the light of Christ that so many seek and travel far to find. Together we can bring our gifts to a world yearning for another way.

Wise people still seek Him!


New Beginnings

stairsThis site is dedicated to promoting the Diocese of the Epiphany.  As we are a small Christian Catholic community, we are constantly reaching out to others who want to be with others who want to celebrate the sacraments in a Catholic way without the rules and barriers established by the Roman church.  We are all climbing the path to holiness and appreciate the support of like-minded seekers.  If you find your way to this site and would like to explore “another way to be Catholic,” please contact us.  We are a member diocese of Christ’s Catholic Church (http://free-catholic.org/).